Site Last Updated: June 10, 2019

Welcome to School Search NYC, the website for New York City parents who want to be school savvy about admission to private schools, public schools or both.

Please peruse my site and review the many services that I provide for those looking for ongoing schools after nursery school, those moving into New York City, or those looking to make a school change for a child. I advise families in the search for school placements, nursery through high school, via individudal consultations, workshops and an email updating service. I also consult with nursery schools and preK-5th/8th grade private and public schools on their exmission processes.

        I am a clinical social worker who expanded my practice in the direction of educational consulting sixteen years ago. At that time, my youngest child was in nursery school and many of the first time parents in his class turned to me for advice on applying to ongoing schools. I have since toured the private and public schools to which Manhattan families apply. Over the years, I have developed positive working relationships with admission directors of private schools, and administrators in the Department of Education and Hunter College Campus Schools, as well as with members of the City Council, Community Education Councils and the media. All this translates into my ability to share the most up to date information with parents, and to provide guidance in the course of choosing to which schools to apply and how best to successfully navigate the process.

     Please be aware that all transactions on this website are securely completed through Paypal and credit card payments are accepted.

        I look forward to hearing from you, if I can ever be of assistance.

-Robin Aronow, Ph.D.
Founder of School Search NYC