Nursery School Services

Robin provides a wide range of services that can be customized for your Nursery School’s needs.

I provide a wide range of services to nursery schools. Nursery schools may choose one or many services which will be priced accordingly:

  • Workshops: Two workshops entitled, “Life After Nursery School: The Ongoing Public School Admission Process” and/or “Life After Nursery School: The Ongoing Private School Admission Process” conducted specifically for your parents and held at your nursery school.
  • School Search Materials: Forty page information packet about the process of applying to both public and private schools: overview, directories, worksheets, statistics, school options and procedures including financial aid.
  • Individual consultations with your families about school options.
  • Email updating service about public school admission procedures.
  • Consultation with school director about continuing educational placements or social/emotional needs for particular children and families, including advocating for your families with ongoing schools.
  • Distribution and analysis of a questionnaire in the late spring to help parents start thinking about what types of schools might be best for their child.
  • Applications Tracking: Setting up a computer spreadsheet program to keep track of those children applying to ongoing schools with regards to where applying, when recommendations were sent, deadlines and outcome.
  • Success Rate Tracking and Analysis: Tracking of where a nursery school’s families apply and its success rate with particular ongoing schools to assess the relationship between those schools.
  • Post Exmission Questionnaire: Distribution and analysis of a questionnaire to parents about parent satisfaction with the school’s exmission process.

Robin Aronow


For more information, please contact Robin Aronow at: or 212-316-0186.