Relocation Services

A significant part of Robin’s consulting practice is helping families who are relocating to New York City learn the ins and outs of the private and public school systems.

Not sure where to start?

A significant part of my consulting practice is helping families who are relocating to New York City learn the ins and outs of the private and public school systems. I am knowledgeable about ongoing private schools throughout New York City and private nursery schools in Manhattan. My public school expertise covers Manhattan schools and citywide options. As a one-person operation, I am only able to keep up on the public school options in Manhattan, but am happy to refer you to a highly respected counterpart in Brooklyn, if that is where you plan to move.

Considering Private Schools?

If you are interested in private schools, I offer a range of services. I may simply discuss with you appropriate options for your child or children, upon which you follow-up. Or, if you start the process in a timely fashion, you may prefer my Start to Finish package that includes unlimited office visits, phone calls, e-mail correspondences, consultations with professionals, interview preparation, and application and report reviews. If you find yourself relocating after private school application deadlines are over, you may prefer my Late Start Relocation Services package. In addition to services included in the Start to Finish package, I will also call schools on your behalf to ascertain whether they will still accept applications. I have positive working relationships with admissions departments at private schools throughout NYC. Of course, you may also choose some option in-between. My fee structure is available on my Individual Consultations page.

Considering Public Schools or Both?

If you are only considering public schools or are considering both private and public schools, I will consult with you on the different neighborhoods, and public school options including: zoned schools, non-zoned schools, gifted and talented programs, dual language programs, specialized schools and charter schools. Please be aware that in Manhattan most elementary schools are zoned, but placement is not guaranteed; if there are more applicants than seats, a child will be assigned to another school in the neighborhood. Then there are locations like the Lower East Side, a hot new residential area that is part of District 1, but District 1 is a district of choice; there are no zoned elementary schools, all schools are open equally to everyone who lives in the district. As for middle schools, some districts have zoned middle schools, but most are by middle school choice. Finally, high schools in Manhattan are only by the high school choice application process, though priority is presently offered in some select parts of the city. Please be aware that in almost all cases, you and your child will need to be New York City residents prior to applying to public schools. At the time of registration, your child will need to be present and you will need two proofs of residency, your child’ s school records (for 1st grade and above and including IEPs, if applicable), a birth certificate or passport and your child’s immunization record.

Confused? You are not alone.

Whether new to the city or having lived here your whole life, the New York City application process is a complex one. There are many wonderful choices, but complicated procedures. I am here to help you understand your options and the steps in the process.

If you are a real estate agent reviewing this page, I welcome your contact to discuss how I may be helpful to you, your firm and/or your clients.

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