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    Robin Aronow conducts this overview workshop in which she discusses Manhattan and Citywide Public School options and admission processes.

    May 15, 2019

    Ansche Chesed Synagougue
    215 W. 100th St. (at West End Avenue), New York, NY 10023

    Sign-in 6:00-6:25 PM
    Presentation 6:30-8:30 PM
    Early Cost: $50 for one family member/$55 for two

    Available for purchase is a 40-Page $15 Information Packet on Applying to both Private and Public schools, if not previously purchased.

    Workshop topics include:

    • Getting Started; Valuable Resources
    • Admission Facts and Application Procedures
    • Timelines
    • What to Look For When Touring
    • Factors to Consider in Your Decision: Standardized Testing, Progress Reports, Community Satisfaction
    • Public vs Private
    • Gifted vs General Education
    • A Myriad of Options
      • Zoned Schools in Districts 2-6 and Overcrowding
      • Lottery Schools in District 1
      • Non-Zoned Schools of Choice
      • Dual Language Programs
      • Charter Schools
      • Gifted and Talented
        • Hunter College Elementary School
        • Special Music School
        • Citywide Gifted and Talented Programs: Anderson, NEST+M, TAG, 30th Avenue, STEM, BIS
        • District Gifted and Talented Programs
        • Stanford-Binet and DOE Gifted and Talented Criteria
      • Special Education

    For more information, or if you are unable to attend these workshops or wish to sponsor ones at your school, business or home, please contact Robin Aronow at: or 212-316-0186.