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    Robin Aronow conducts this overview workshop in which she discusses Manhattan and Citywide Public School options and admission processes.

    The 2021 spring workshop has ended. If interested in future ones for self, a group, a school or a business, please reach out to Robin at or complete the interest form on this page.

    Workshop topics include:

    • Getting Started; Valuable Resources
    • Admission Facts and Application Procedures
    • Timelines
    • Factors to Consider in Your Decision
    • Public vs Private
    • A Myriad of Options
      • Zoned Schools in Districts 2-6
      • Lottery Schools in District 1
      • Non-Zoned Schools of Choice
      • Dual Language Programs
      • Charter Schools
      • Gifted and Talented
        • The State of Gifted Education in NYC
        • Hunter College Elementary School
        • Special Music School
      • Special Education

    For more information, or if you are unable to attend these workshops or wish to sponsor ones at your school, business or home, please contact Robin Aronow at: or 212-316-0186.