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    Robin Aronow conducts this overview workshop in which she discusses private school admission.

    The 2024 Private School Admissions Spring Workshop has ended, but a recording of the workshop is available for purchase. Please contact Robin at to purchase. If interested in future ones for self, a group, a school or a business, please reach out to Robin at or complete the interest form on this page.

    Workshop topics include:

    • Getting Started; Valuable Resources
    • Admission Facts and Application Procedures
    • Timelines
    • Factors to Consider in Your Decision
    • Private vs. Public
    • Co-ed vs. Single Sex
    • Progressive vs Traditional
    • Testing and New Admission Screening Tools
    • Applications and Essays
    • Parent Interviews
    • Child Visits
    • References
    • ISAAGNY Reports
    • ISAAGNY Policy on First Choice Letters
    • Financial Aid